At Deering Management Group, our main goal is to manage your property with a hands-on approach from an asset point-of-view rather than that of a mere custodian. This attitude will ensure the maximum possible return from the property. Our management effort will reduce the involvement of your time, as we will handle all aspects of the management.

Our management responsibilities include handling all project operations, in four basic areas: Administrative ServicesPhysical ServicesFiscal ServicesMaster Insurance Program Administrative Services Physical Services
Periodically, we inspect the property from the roof to the asphalt and continue your preventive maintenance program or establish one for your project. We will ensure the following components and systems are reviewed regularly:

- Janitorial
- Landscaping (Interior/Exterior)
- Carpet Cleaning and Replacement
- Roofing
- Pest Control
- Plumbing
- Lot Cleaning
- Glass Replacement
- Lighting
- Glass Cleaning
- Tenant Improvements
- Garbage
- Snow Removal
- Security
- ADA Compliance
Fiscal Services Deering Management Group's fiscal services are designed to provide both the owner and management with information necessary to properly assess the status of the investment, by utilizing standard Deering Management Group reports or special reports required by the ownership.

Master Insurance Program