Joni Mariman, RPA
Vice President, Accounting

Joni Mariman has headed Deering Management Group's Accounting Department since 1994. She is responsible for the supervision of other accounting personnel and the initial setup and implementation of each client's accounting needs, as well as new software implementation and upgrades.

Joni is responsible for preparing the monthly financial statements, tracking all tenant invoicing and receipts, supervising the payment of all bills in a timely manner, and keeping track of common area maintenance and other expenses for future reconciliation. She is responsible for the bulk of the monthly reporting requirements for the asset. She also completes all year-end reporting requirements, such as preparing 1099s or adjustments prepared by the client's CPA. Further, Joni is responsible for ensuring compliance with all State client trust account regulations.

Prior to joining Deering Management Group, Joni was employed for eight years by Cornell Oaks Associates/Western Realty Advisors, a Portland-area property/construction management firm. She held administrative and property management positions until the firm disbanded in 1994.

Joni has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Finance from Oregon State University.